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Man Trades VW for McNugget Sauce

Earlier this week, a woman from Michigan stood in line for some McNugget sauce from 1998 and then traded it for a Volkswagen.

You read that right. Rachel Marie, a graphic designer from Michigan, waited in line for hours to get a re-issue of an old Chicken McNugget sauce. And then found somebody who wanted it enough to trade her for a car.

Some backstory is in order here. In 1998, McDonald's launched a Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce as a promotion to go along with Disney's Mulan. It came in Happy Meals, along with a Mulan toy. After the movie, the sauce went away. For a while.

Then, earlier this year, it came back. On the animated show Rick and Morty. In a dream sequence, Rick goes back into his memory to try the sauce. At the end of the episode, Rick goes mad and yells about how someday he will finally receive more of the sauce.

McDonald's confirmed on October 1st, that they would bring the sauce back. For one day only, on October 7th. Thousands spent hours in line for a shot at the sauce.

Rachel Marie was ninth in line, and was able to get some sauce. But instead of dunking her nuggs, she held onto it to see what she could get for it. So she posted to a Facebook group for buying and trading pins. "There was actually a large response with some nice pins," Marie told Business Insider. "But if I could get a car, I thought, why not ask?"

Another fan offered up an early 2000s Volkswagen Golf. Marie decided a car for some sauce was a great deal, and the exchange was made.

So what kind of person gives up their car for some McNugget sauce? One who "just needed me some friggin sauce!!"